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WATCH THIS: Lai Yee Chan’s 24 Hour Shift

Do you think it’s right to force workers into arbitration? What about forcing workers to do overtime? Do you have ideas on how to promote the campaign or want to get involved?

You can:

  • Sign a petition to 1199SEIU here
  • Tweet the Ain’t I A Woman?! position paper on why we need to #Fightfor40 and #StopMandatoryOT to President Obama and any presidential candidate.
  • Get your organization to endorse the Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign.
  • Contact the Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign about how you are organizing in your community and/or invite Ain’t I A Woman?! to speak at your next event.

It’s Time for the CSWA Picnic!

Join us for a day of fun with family and friends

BBQ * Swimming * Hiking * Games

Date: Sunday, August 23, 2015

Time: 8:30am-5pm

Location: Lake Welch, Harriman State Park

SEATING IS LIMITED! RSVP / pick up bus tickets from CSWA’s Chinatown Center or call (212) 334-2333

Bus Tickets:
$15  Members *  $20 Non-members  * $10 for children under age 12
(Buses leave from Chinatown and Sunset Park, Brooklyn)
 Highlights of the trip include:
  • Beach – Enjoy swimming, sunbathing and sand on a half-mile long beach
  • Hiking – Take a stroll on one of the many trails in Harriman State Park
  • Games – Kid and family friendly fun
  • Community – Come learn about recent developments in our work!
*Please note there is a $8/vehicle entrance fee if you plan to drive. 

The Coalition for a Real Minimum Wage Increase is happy to hear that Governor Cuomo has finally announced that his administration will convene the wage board and raise the minimum wage for tipped workers, the majority of whom are women.

But we are not stopping here. We continue to to rally in front of the Department of Labor and keep up the pressure to make sure the wage board is inclusive, and to make sure Governor Cuomo and the DOL commit to enforce the law by investigating wage theft claims 6 years back and supporting the SWEAT bill to strengthen the current law and make enforcement possible.

Furthermore, we call on Governor Cuomo to raise the minimum wage to more than $8 so workers can survive and stop giving millions in subsidies to corporations for hiring teen workers.

We urge all workers and supporters to join the picket line. This is a crucial time for New Yorkers to speak out and demand Governor Cuomo take action.

Governor Cuomo: We Demand a Real Minimum Wage for All Workers

Not Second-Class Treatment, Not Corporate Welfare!

The New York State bill is a sham. It will enrich employers and corporations to the detriment of all working people. New Yorkers deserve a real wage raise, one that improves conditions for all workers.

  • The bill is too little, too late: Raising the minimum wage to only $9 over 3 years is not enough for anyone to survive on. New York’s minimum wage would be over $10.70 if it had kept up with the cost of living since 1970.
  • The bill is discriminatory against tipped workers: This bill does not include a provision to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers. It directs that decision to a Wage Board. This excludes the hundreds of thousands of tipped workers who are predominately women and people of color.  Due to increases in the cost of living, going without a raise in reality means a pay cut.  Separate is never equal.
  • The bill subsidizes Corporations to hire young workers, encouraging them to replace those who are currently employed. Businesses will receive a refundable tax credit for hiring youth aged 16-19. This encourages businesses to lower the wages of especially older workers or replace them with teenagers. It is projected to cost the public hundreds of millions of dollars every year.
  • Furthermore, the bill does not hold corporations such as Dominos Pizza, McDonalds, etc. accountable and does not put resources into enforcing the labor law.Many workers receive less than minimum wage and work long hours without overtime pay, but when they come forward, it often takes years for the Labor Department to investigate the cases. This lack of enforcement encourages employers and corporations to violate the labor law.

This bill is harmful to all working people. Hold Gov. Cuomo accountable!

We demand:

  1. The minimum wage should be increased to be at least $10/hr, indexed to inflation.
  2. Tipped workers should not be treated as second-class citizen. Tipped workers should receive a minimum-wage increase along with all other workers.
  3. Put resources into enforcement and strengthen the labor law, instead of giving millions to corporations in subsidies to hire youth to replace workers currently employed.