Ain’t I a Woman!?

Pactiv Protest June 2012

The “Ain’t I a Woman?!” campaign grew from a small group of garment workers holding DKNY accountable for sweatshop conditions to become a call for a new women’s movement fighting for control over our time, health, respect and payment for caregiving work. DKNY workers have been joined by other women workers who also have tolerated abusive conditions for the sake of their families — such as the workers of Liberty Apparel’s factories.. Many women are inspired by the example of these workers who risked so much to fight to be treated with respect like human beings, and to have some say about their working conditions and time.

Our campaign has drawn in women workers from across the board who are experiencing longer hours, lower wages and worsening conditions. Whether we work in a corporate law firm or a garment factory, control over our time and our lives is slipping away.

A century after Sojourner Truth’s struggles against racism and sexism, women workers are stepping up the fight against the most destructive form that modern-day racism and sexism has taken: economic segregation and the perception that crumbs are better than nothing. Refusing to be treated like slaves or second-class citizens, we are coming together to build upon Sojourner Truth’s struggle and proclaiming Ain’t I a Woman?!

Boycott Reynolds! Let’s End Forced Overtime!


* Over 100 women workers at Pactiv Corporation’s New Jersey factory – owned by Reynolds Group Holdings and its boss, Graeme Hart – were overworked in sweltering sweatshop conditions.
* These Pactiv workers were fired in July 2011 in retaliation for their efforts to stop work ‘speed-ups’ and organize the factory.
* The fired workers are not backing down. Join the Pactiv workers to demand the right to a 40-hour work week and the right to say NO to forced overtime!